Our Story

Copperhead Creek Studio & Workshop was a dream.  It started in the heart of my husband, Montie, over 5 years ago.  The dream - at first - was to simply build a workshop where we could work side-by-side, with our 3 adopted children, to build a lifestyle that included doing something we both love.  We also wanted an opportunity to pass on the skills we each have to this 2nd generation of children we are raising (we are the real"Brady Brunch" with Montie and I having 9 children between us - 3 for montie, 3 for me and our adopted 3 - ages 10, 11, 12).  We were worn out with the demands of the way the world lives and began praying for a simpler, quieter lifestyle - one that didn't involve hours of commuting, late work nights and very minimal family time. 

After months of pondering and even more months of some serious prayer we stepped out in faith that God would provide - and began to plan.  And then we began to build.  Beginning in March, 2015 - from the ground up we built our workshop - months of sweat, frustrations, and even thinking at times 'we are crazy!' - but also lots of excitement and JOY!!  

In October of 2015 we opened the doors of Copperhead Creek Studio & Workshop.  Within a year we were overflowing the space we had set aside for the products we were handcrafting.  We began praying for the perfect place for a retail shop that would also allow us to continue living a simple life, close to home.  We looked at Mt. Pleasant, and then Columbia, TN - both beautiful small towns relatively close to Hampshire, TN.  But neither of these choices felt right.  It was then that we looked at our own small town of Hampshire - the very community in which we live, attend church, love our neighbors - and decided this is where we need to be.  As it says on Hampshire's welcome signs coming in and going out of town - this truly is "A little town with a lot of Heart!"

In April of 2017 - after 3 months of intensive remodeling on one of the only commercial buildings in Hampshire, we opened our newly established retail space, Copperhead Creek Studio Handcrafted Market where we now offer our customer's a completely handcrafted market experience.

As artist/craftsmen it is our hope to offer you a "one-of-a-kind" experience  and that you will see a glimpse of our Creator in what we create - for we are all uniquely "one-of-a-kind" in His eyes.

"Aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your hands."

1 Thessalonians 4:11